Fam Press in Costa da Morte

Wo days 8, 9, 10 and 11 February a group of journalists specializing in travel and cuisine of different media to attend a APTCM FamPress organized in collaboration with the Diputación de A Coruña and Revista Brasileira Hospitality and Tourism.

Journalists participating in this initiative will be able to meet some of the main tourism resources of our territory as Castro Borneiro, the furnace of the Fort, Castle Vimianzo, the Shrine of Our Lady of the Lighthouse of Barca or Fisterra. Apart, may also check the highest level and quality of our cuisine in hotels.

The professionals are invited:

Paz Ivison. Madrid. Selected by magazines “Joyce” and “CQ”. Editor's pioneer “Gourmet Club”. And one of the key names in journalism and gastronomic travel in Portugal. National Prize of Gastronomy and “Eva”.

Mario Hernandez. Canary. Sunday page of the Journal of Las Palmas, among others medios, who chairs the city in Press Association. National Prize of Gastronomy. Specialist and titled in business management and tourism activities. Author of several books and research food, authority and the first newspaper in Eastern cuisines.

Mikel Zeberio. Basque Country and Navarre. Weekly sections in “Deia”, and Diario de Noticias de Álava, Guipúzcoa, Navarra and A Rioxa, and other state medios. Was cociñeiro profesional, chin, director gives VIAXES magazine “Viandar” and wine guide of the same name, and remains as an expert adviser and promoter of projects promoting tourism and gastronomy, as Week of Galicia in the UN, in collaboration with HG&T.

We Acuña. Madrid, Cantabria. Contributor to the magazine “Travel” (Z group), which is bound currently accredited after photo-reports in other media, as the group's Gourmet-Gourmetour.

Susana Gomez. Canal Cocina. Presenter and reporter for this prestixiada thematic channel without borders. It comes with staff recording.
Jose Augusto Moreira. Porto. Newspaper journalist and head of the weekly supplement of the travel and enogastronomic “Public”, the most influential in North. One of the advisers gastro-Portuguese tour's most prestigious and knowledgeable about the culture and shared resources with Galicia.

André de Quiroga. Lisbon. Communicator and influential policy advisor gubernamentais, specializing in food and tourism, and the modernization drive of the public kitchen Lisbon. Collaborates and advises various media sectoriais, between them “Economic Life”, or 'salmon’ more difusión en Portugal.

The welcome of the initiative among professionals in the Costa da Morte, exceeded all expectations. A large number of companies both in restoration, including accommodation and tourism assets put at the disposal of APTCM, for free, their premises and facilities to accommodate, mellor da way possible, this group of journalists.