RUTA BOILERS OF CASTRO. It also presents a brief tour, beginning in a misuse of the reels Coucieiro Senande, Which brings us also the place of O Castro. Here the river forms a series of rapids that occur in rocks of curious shapes its course alveolar, known by locals as “Boilers Castro”, providing this part of the river a great curiosity and natural beauty, accentuated more so by the presence of a recreational area being one with the hood (dating back 1660) and a cruise.

Jacobean ROAD ROUTE.Represents the section of the call “Coastal Road” running through the city of Muxía. The road runs along part of Muxía and walk the route marked, through places like Lourido, Xurarantes, Figueroa, Vilela, Morquintián, Guisamonde, Frix there Lira (Ponte Baosilveiro), the latter now in the City of Cee. It is a road signposted and historically recognized, considered as complementary to traditional “Jacobeo path of the Santiago Muxía Fisterra”.

COAST ROAD ROUTE Muxía TOURIÑO Nemiña. This route runs along the coast road, thereby permitting enjoy panoramic views along the same. The circuit starts and runs Muxía also places like Lourido, Imprint, Martinet and Viseo. Shortly after the latter population takes a detour to the right that eventually leads to Faro Touriñán, passing by the locations of previously Touriñán and Fields. Another alternative would be to opt for going up to visit the beach Nemiña, famous for the numerous visits of surfers throughout the year.