House Ceferino, develops an awareness campaign Environmental, for all those who have a relationship with our house, be aware of the fragile balance of our environment.

The set of externalities generated service House Ceferino, is minimized through a series of actions detailed in the following:

  • Legislation: Follow and comply with current laws and regulations on environmental, level of the Xunta de Galicia, within the government of Spain and European Union level.

  • Information: Implementation of a continuing campaign of information and awareness, thanks to the placement of information easily accessible rooms.

  • Planning: Planning of production processes, with the aim of optimizing the resources used in the services that are offered daily at home and minimize the waste resulting therefrom. Note the use of solar panels for hot water use, with the corresponding saving energy and avoiding a lot of pollution.

  • Innovation: Use of sustainable infrastructure and environment-friendly, level of energy production and water resources, to comply with the new policies of water and energy.

With its application and with the collaboration of all, we can help preserve our environment, an activity responsible and environment friendly as special as “Costa da Morte“.