Virxen Da Barca

Legend has it that when Santiago preached the gospel in these lands, in a moment of despair due to little success in his preaching, was visited by the Virgin on a stone boat in rowing angels, what was encouraged to continue with the Apostle evangelical work.

Around this shrine next to the sea are the rocks used in a pagan rite of worship that was later Christianized: its “Stone shake, the rock of the hips and stone Valentine”.

The first written document that remains of this temple dates back 1544. The Christianization of this place and the foundation of the first chapel dedicated to the Virgin had to be much earlier.

The present church is a baroque building but lack of influence of the previous century classicism. His austerity and monotony is broken by the rich ornamentation of the altarpieces. Represents the history and culture of the people of Muxía, related Jubilee Way and the worship of stones da Barca, in a peaceful atmosphere while breathing the fresh air from the sea.