Beach Muxía

CROSS: In the village entrance, next to the Paseo de A Cruz, is an ideal place to rest and enjoy the tranquility of the bath in its clear waters, taking place periodically in the sand sports activities for youth during the summer.

Lourido: Near the football field “A Arliña”. This long beach is a place of natural interest in their dune formations and beautiful panoramic views Muxía and Lourido.

LAKE: Its name comes from the small lake that forms in the mouth of the river. This, equal to that beach in Los Mills, is one of the busiest in the area due to both the beauty of its natural landscape and its situation, that make it an attractive place to come people from all over the region.

Nemine: Has 1.250 meters long 25 meters wide. This extensive beach where the river flows Castro is an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of its natural environment and watch as the sea breaks on this sandy open ocean. Because of their nature, is chosen by surfers for this sport, surf championships organized it.