Muxía is a fishing village at the epicenter of the Costa da Morte. The streets we passed peace and quiet in contrast to the bravery of the sea and steep cliffs so characteristic of the coast.

Cultural history Muxía is linked to Santuario de la Virgen de la Barca Stones and their environment, that mean so much to the pilgrims that reward the effort made to reach the end of Santigo Road.

Also the beaches of this town is characterized by its crystal clear waters, what they do to be another tourist attraction. Walks, as the sea and its incomparable views with spectacular coastal scenery vie in beauty with the wonderful nature.

And Muxía preserves the unique dryers worldwide conger. Conger-drying are used “cabrias”, where it remains exposed to sun and wind. Today you can see on the way to the Santuario de Nosa Señora da Barca.