Natural Heritage

As sights and environmental, stand places with immense natural beauty as calls Boilers Castro, with this name because the Castro river forms a series of rapids that occur in the rocks of its channel different forms alveolar. It constitutes together with its chapel, dating from 1660, an important enclave.

In the riverside promenade of Black River, We find a lot of mills rehabilitated on its shore, that traverses the site, while this recreation area near a source located at the edge of the, being a very appropriate addition to hiking.

Also noteworthy, no less important, all viewpoints we have in our City, such as the viewpoint Monte bodice, the people themselves Muxía. On the Torch Mount, impressive for its height and its views.

Landscape and natural beauty of Muxía is also manifested through its excellent panoramic views from stones A BARCA and TOURIÑAN evoking the first moments of great majesty and contemplated within espitirualidad.